Surface Enhancer 360°

Common surface blemishes, such as pinholes, present themselves during the rotational molding process and can often lead to poor surface finish of end products. These surface defects arise when molding resins are unable to flow properly leaving areas of the mold empty.  Surface Enhancer 360°, the original resin flow technology since 1994, is formulated specifically for rotational molding to ensure that the resin reaches all areas of the mold and improves the appearance of the finished product. 

Surface Enhancer 360° is not a replacement for a release agent, and it is strongly recommended to combine Surface Enhancer 360° with a Chem-Trend release agent for optimal results.

Surface Enhancer 360° provides the following benefits for rotational molding:

  • Prevent pinholes, voids, and blowouts with ease
  • Eliminate thinning and bridging with better resin flow
  • Improve overall surface conditional of rotomolded parts
  • Increase strength around inserts
  • Improve appearance and functionality of threads
  • Reduce scrap
A brand of Freudenberg.
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