Global Product Manager of Digital Applications, Discusses Product Application Monitoring Systems

Our Product Manager of Digital Applications, Sara Heilig, explains Chem-Trend’s product application monitoring systems – SprayIQ™ and DilutionIQ™.

Global Business Development Director, Tire, Explains How Chem-Trend Offers Manufacturers More Than Products

Our Global Business Development Director, Tire, Shakti Gauriar, explains how Chem-Trend stays on the cusp of industry innovation to drive value for tire manufacturers.

Austin Ames, Technical Sales Representative for Thermoplastics, Discusses the Benefits of Ultra Purge™

Technical Sales Representative for Thermoplastics, Austin Ames, explains how Ultra Purge™ purging compounds helped a thermoplastics manufacturer achieve complete color changes. After the right solution was implemented, Chem-Trend was onsite to educate the team and ensure they were getting the best results.

Chem-Trend Sustainability

Sustainability has two dimensions — how we work internally to reduce consumption and how we empower our customers to do the same. Find out more from Amanda Pugh, Vice President of Marketing and Technology, about how Chem-Trend is innovating to lead the way with efficiency.

Chem-Trend Values

Our values drive everything we do at Chem-Trend. Focusing on you and understanding your greatest challenges is how we innovate solutions that empower customers like you every day.

Chem-Trend History

At our heart, we’ve always been a problem-solving company. From our humble beginnings as a kitchen-sink operation to our global expansion, finding new ways to help you improve your operation is our purpose.

Paper Impregnation Process: Make It More Efficient

Whether a standard solution or a tailor-made formulation, Deurowood – a Chem-Trend brand offers a broad product range. Standardized or tailor-made – solutions improve process efficiency, and master customer requirements for surface characteristics.

Lab Testing of Your Thermoplastic Polymer to Help Select The Right Product

See inside Chem-Trend’s Maisach thermoplastics lab where the MFI of a polymer is being tested to select the best product for the customer.

Thermoplastic Extrusion and Injection Molding Machines

Tour Chem-Trend’s thermoplastic lab extrusion and injection molding machines. This equipment is for development and testing to simulate customers’ processes as closely as possible.

Hot Runner and Cold Runner Injection Molding Machines for On-Site Testing

Tour Chem-Trend’s on-site lab equipment for performance trials of thermoplastics purging compounds, mold maintenance products, and mold release products.

Application of Thermoplastic Cold Runner Mold Release Agent

Application of a mold release agent on a spiral cold runner mold along with before and after images. See the difference the right thermoplastic mold release agent makes.

Wood Composite Advanced Capabilities

Engineered wood composites can have complex chemistry. At Chem-Trend’s advanced labs, including standard and propriety tests, we screen release agents to find the right solution for you. Watch to discover some of the capabilities.

Polyurethane - High Pressure Injection Molding

The capability to simulate real production conditions of polyurethane molding is critical in engineering industry-leading release agents. Evaluating and improving our mold release agents helps our customers perform at their highest efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Watch the video to see the high pressure injection molding system in action.

Thermoplastic Purging Compound Development - ARBURG ALLROUNDER Injection Molding

Chem-Trend uses industry leading equipment such as the ARBURG ALLROUNDER to test and validate our advanced formulations. This equipment allows us to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our purging compounds to eliminate silver streaking and provide quick color changes in thermoplastics processing.

Purging Compound Designed for Fast Residue Free Cleaning and Easy Screw Pulls

Quick color changes with Ultra Purge™ 3615 purging compound.

High Performing Release for Automated Rubber-To-Metal Molding Process

Chem-Trend semi-permanent release agents are ready for the newest and most innovative Industry 4.0 processes for rubber injection molding.

Why Purging Compounds?

A Chem-Trend purging compound can purge all of your biggest frustrations and keep you moving forward. When compared to traditional cleaning methods, our purging products provide better cleaning, prevent unwanted stoppages, and save you money. Best of all, implementing a Chem-Trend purging compound is simple and can be done without any significant changes in your process. Request a free sample today, and swap unnecessary hassle for unlimited potential.

Tire Technology Expo 2020 – Exhibitor Interview, Chem-Trend

Insights on how Chem-Trend is helping to future proof the tire industry with a product demonstration in the latest evolution of bladder coatings.

Zyvax® 1070W Release Agent Application Techniques

This informational video highlights the proper ways to utilize our revolutionary aerospace composites molding release agent, Zyvax® 1070W.

How to Recognize Polymer Viscosity to Select the Best Purging Compound Match

Watch and learn how to identify the polymer viscosity to ensure that you’ve selected the best purging compound match for optimal performance.

Ultra Purge™ Ultra-X™ – Purging As Easy As Child’s Play

Purging of screw, cylinder and hot runner now as easy as child’s play. Watch to learn about the benefits including higher productivity and less waste.

The Problem of Black Spots

Black spots are a problem for thermoplastics processors. Watch to discover how Chem-Trend’s purging compounds and mold maintenance products can help solve the challenges with black spots.

How to Purge the Injection Molding Machine Through Parts Production

Learn more about the technique needed for preparing and filling purging compounds in your operation.

How to Purge the Injection Molding Machine Screw and Barrel

Learn how to improve purge results by varying low and high backpressure.

Lost and Found

Ultra Purge™ purging compounds for thermoplastic production, will help you find greater operational efficiency and increased profitability.

Go with the Flow

Purging compounds formulated to address the challenges of Melt Flow Index (MFI) issues. Find the right purging compound to meet the different requirements of your production process

How to Maintain and Degrease a Built-in Mold

Discover the proper technique for applying Chem-Trend’s Lusin® degreaser to clean wax- or oil-based products from your injection molding machine for improved operations.

How to Care for a Built-in Mold: Clean, Lubricate, Protect and Release

Learn the proper application techniques to keep your built-in mold clean, lubricated, and ready for a release agent.

How to Use Lusin® Products to Clean and Degrease a Disassembled Mold

Discover the proper technique for applying Chem-Trend’s Lusin® mold maintenance products through a detailed demonstration with a Chem-Trend expert.

A World of Colors

Improve your operation with less downtime and scrap. High-performance purging compounds to meet your color change needs.

Zyvax® 1070W: An Agent of Change

An advanced solution for composite molding, Chem-Trend’s Zyvax® 1070W release agent technology offers a multitude of competitive advantages for aerospace manufacturers.

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