Paper Impregnation

Paper impregnation specialty process and functional additives are critical to the production of high-quality decorative papers for furniture and flooring laminates. The right selection of additives improves the efficiency of your manufacturing process and supports you in achieving surface characteristics on finished laminates.

The quality and unique features of your product as well as the efficiency of your process are important contributors to your bottom line. Whether you impregnate decor papers for furniture or flooring, overlay and/or balance (baker) papers, or your impregnated paper is being used in low pressure lamination (LPL), high pressure lamination (HPL) or continuous pressure lamination (CPL), having a reliable process means everything to maintaining consistency and high-quality in your production.

Chem-Trend offers extensive process and machinery knowledge along with a broad range of products to provide manufacturers with tailor-made solutions focused on efficiency and laminate surface design. Well known in the industry, the Deurowood® portfolio of products offers you best-in-class technology.

Paper Impregnation Additives

Producing impregnated papers for a wide range of wood-based laminate applications demands a high level of reliability, flexibility, and performance in the production process. The Deurowood® line of products alongside our industry and technical expertise provide you with the added value of a tailormade formulation for your specific requirements. With a state-of-the-art laboratory in Austria and production facilities throughout the world, the best products and knowledge to deliver solutions for your requirements are readily available.


Hardeners (Curing Agents) for Paper Impregnation

To achieve a broad range of surface characteristics for finished laminates with an efficient press cycle time and extended shelf life of impregnated papers, the reactivity profile of the hardener applied during the impregnation process is critical. The Deurowood® line of hardeners are proven to meet a broad range of application profiles while generating production efficiency and increased shelf life – a win, win scenario.


Pigment Dispersions for Paper Impregnation

Achieve white pigmentation with significantly reduced sedimentation of solid components in the impregnation line with Deurowood® white pigment and filler dispersions. Designed to improve optical surface performance of laminates produced with lower grammage base papers, Deurowood® line of pigment and filler dispersions are engineered to reduce the risk of sedimentation during storage, transport, and use on the impregnation line.

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