Chemlease® products for composites molding offer extreme value through their combination of advanced technology, ease of application, and positive impact on operational efficiency. A variety of products have been developed to work together as a release system, addressing the wide range of composites molding applications and challenges. Many are available in water-based formulations to allow for a more environmentally conscious and regulatory-compliant approach.

Mold Cleaners

Chemlease® mold cleaners are designed to keep molds and tools in peak condition.

Mold Primers

Chemlease® mold primers help improve process efficiency and part quality by enhancing the mold surface.

Mold Sealers

Chemlease® mold sealers are specifically designed to help protect investments in composites molds and tooling from chemical and physical damage that occurs during the molding process.

Release Agents

A wide range of Chemlease® release agents / top coat products are available in either water-based or solvent-based formulations, including many semi-permanent options, providing ample opportunity to find the right solution to the toughest composites molding challenges.

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