Mono-Coat® products have been industry leaders in rubber and rotational molding for decades. Mono-Coat® release agents offer extreme value through their combination of advanced technology, ease of application, and positive impact on operational efficiency. Mono-Coat® mold protectants and primers further enhance rubber and rotational molding operations by extending mold life and improving the operational efficiency of molds. Mono-Coat® anti-static agents and flange releases help improve part quality and molding efficiency in rotational molding operations.

Mold Protectants

We offer a variety of Mono-Coat® mold protectors for the rubber molding industry, from those that provide good short-term mold corrosion protection to those that are designed with the long-term storage of molds in mind. The key objective in our development of these products is protecting the significant investment made in molds and allowing for greater operational efficiency through enhanced mold life and usage.

Release Agents

Mono-Coat® release agents have been developed to provide operational efficiency to rubber and rotational molding operations. They are available in both semi-permanent and sacrificial (apply each cycle) varieties, as well as in solvent-based or water-based formulations, depending on the requirements of the application and environmental and regulatory considerations. Multiple Mono-Coat® variations are available to address various polymer types and meet differing slip requirements.

A brand of Freudenberg.
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