Mono-Coat® products revolutionized the rubber molding industry decades ago by being the first semi-permanent release agents available in the industry. Thousands of rubber molders worldwide benefit daily from this technological breakthrough that allowed part release from multiple curing cycles with a single release agent application. Today Mono-Coat® remains a leading brand in rubber and rotational molding, offering you extreme value through the combination of continually advancing technology, ease of application, and positive potential impact on your operational efficiency. Mono-Coat® mold protectants and primers further enhance your rubber and rotational molding operations by extending the life of your molds. Mono-Coat® anti-static agents and flange releases, enhance your rotational molding operations. Quality, consistency and predictability are characteristics of all Mono-Coat® products, giving you confidence in your molding operations.

Release Agents

Mono-Coat® semi-permanent release agents have been developed to provide you with enhanced operational efficiency for rubber and rotational molding operations. Available in a range of solvent-based or water-based formulations, to match your specific requirements for application and process along with environmental and regulatory considerations. In addition, Mono-Coat® variations have been created to meet a number of polymer types and mold geometries to meet your specific slip needs.

If you work with rubber to metal bonding applications, you understand how complex release can be. Your release agent must be formulated to allow the rubber to release from the mold, never migrating to an area that will interfere with the integrity of the metal-rubber bond. Mono-Coat® offers you piece of mind with semi-permanent release agents specifically for these traditionally challenging but vital applications.

High-temperature stability, excellent abrasion resistance, and rapid curing – all attainable through use of Mono-Coat® technology designed to keep you moving forward with certainty.

Mold Protectants

If you’re in the rubber or rotational molding industries, you understand exactly how mold corrosion and other forms of degradation can destroy molds, create product issues, or result in production delays. Formulated to protect your equipment and bottom line, Mono-Coat® mold protectant solutions have been proven to boost operational efficiency by simply extending mold life and use.

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