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Die Casting – Chem-Trend and Comptech Find Optimal Die Release for Complex Geometries

Die Cast Complex Geometry

Rheocasting introduces numerous advantages to foundries and product owners, such as OEMs, but achieving these benefits requires excellence across all aspects of the diecasting process. Chem-Trend, leveraging its extensive experience and proprietary technology, excels in providing advanced die lubricants that enhance performance in each application, and values collaborations with industry leaders like Comptech in developing innovative casting solutions.

“In order to get all benefits that Rheocasting introduce to both the foundry and the product owner (OEM) it is key that all other disciplines within the diecasting process also deliver. This to ensure that the product owner can get the design required as well as the foundry gets the benefits of a cost-effective production. Chem-Trend has extensive experience and proprietary technology to deliver advanced die lubricant that offer the best possible performance for each application.”

-Dr. Per Jansson, CEO Comptech Rheocasting AB

“Chem-Trend truly values the opportunity to collaborate with leaders in the field, like Comptech who are designing next-level casting solutions. Comptech’s rheocasting system advances the ability to manufacture large, thin-walled and high-strength castings with long flow lengths. Our commercial and technical teams ensure the release agents used within this process provide excellent metal flow characteristics in thin-wall areas, while also optimizing mi­crostructure properties essential for high-strength castings. Working alongside Comptech allows us to bring tailorma­de die lubricant solutions to OEMs and Tier I suppliers.”

-John J. Belyk, Senior Business Development Director Die Cast, Chem-Trend.

Read more about rheocasting and the collaboration here.

A collaboration between Chem-Trend and Comptech identified a release agent that works with complex geometries and rheocasting. (PDF, 1 MB)
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