Our Chem-Trend®-branded products serve multiple industry segments, including die cast, polyurethane, tire manufacturing, and wood composite. Although there are hundreds of individual products developed to cover a wide range of applications, each specialized Chem-Trend® product is created with the same goal in mind: to improve the operating efficiency of those who utilize it in molding and casting operations.

These products include:

Ancillary Processing Aids

From anti-squeak products for polyurethane molding, to ladle coats for die casting operations, to pin lubricants for thermoplastics processing operations and more, Chem-Trend® ancillary products are developed to address your challenges.

Bladder Coatings

Chem-Trend® bladder coatings protect tire curing bladders against chemical and abrasive attack during their service life, leading to significantly extended bladder life.

Die Lubricants

Tackle soldering, porosity, buildup, and environmental challenges in your die casting operation with Chem-Trend® liquid and powdered die lubricants, designed to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

Mandrel Lubricants

Chem-Trend® mandrel lubricants are designed to provide lubrication for formed hoses made on rigid steel or aluminum mandrels, and to create a film that offers a slippery surface for straight but flexible hoses that are made on long-length nylon or rubber mandrels.

Mold Cleaners

Our mold cleaners help in the finish cleaning and removal of stubborn deposits from the mold to bring it to proper production standards. These highly-effective cleaners attack buildup and can provide a grease-free surface for molding.

Mold Coatings

Regardless of the complexity of your mold, Chem-Trend® mold coatings are designed to help seal the mold and fill in imperfections to improve its surface quality, which results in better release of the part, with less frequent application and improved efficiency.

Mold Protectants

Keep your molds in good working condition and extend their life and serviceability with Chem-Trend® mold protectants. They’re custom-made for corrosion protection and help achieve a more efficient start-up process, as well as offering short- or long-term storage protection options.

Release Agents

Chem-Trend® release agents are available in water- and solvent-based formulations for a wide variety of applications. With industry-leading technologies that deliver customized solutions for your manufacturing requirements, Chem-Trend is a recognized leader in the field of mold release agents.

Mold Sealers

Chem-Trend® mold sealers work in combination with release agents to enhance release from the mold by forming a durable barrier that inhibits mechanical and chemical bonding during the molding process.

Plate Sealers

Defend against chemical and mechanical attack of your wood composite pressing surfaces with Chem-Trend® plate/platten sealers that keep surfaces cleaner, maintain board quality, and reduce downtime.

Plunger Lubricants

Chem-Trend® plunger lubricants are industry-leading products that include a family of water- and oil-based lubricants as well as pellet and powder lubricants, all designed to increase shot life, protect shot sleeves and plunger tips, and stand up to the demanding specifications of die casting operations.

Screen Primers and Sealers

Equip your wood composite pressing surfaces with the ultimate protection with Chem-Trend® screen primers and sealers, designed to enhance release agent performance by reducing resin buildup and porosity and conditioning pressing surfaces.

Tire Paints

Minimize curing-related defects, optimize finished tire appearance, extend the life of critical manufacturing components (such as curing bladders), and reduce costs in your tire processing operations with Chem-Trend® inside and outside tire paints.

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