The Lusin® range of high-performance products has been developed to meet the requirements of the thermoplastics processing industry; improve process efficiency and product quality; and lower maintenance, repair, and operational costs. Lusin® products are at the leading edge of advancements in supporting thermoplastics processing technology.


Lusin® cleaners and degreasers are formulated to remove contaminants (e.g., waxes, oils, greases) and deposits of thermoplastics resins, colors, and miscellaneous additives from molds or other surfaces without attacking or etching them.


Lusin® lubricants, which are developed specifically for the plastic injection molding industry, prevent breakage and seizure of pins and slides without staining.

Protective Agents

Lusin® protective agents have been developed to guard the metal surfaces of molds and tooling used within the thermoplastics processing industry against the attack of water, oxygen, or other corrosive agents which are common contributing factors of rust.

Release Agents

Our range of Lusin® brand silicone and silicone-free mold release agents for thermoplastics operations is developed to improve efficiency, lower scrap, and reduce operational costs.

Mold Maintenance Products

Keeping injection molds in optimal condition, increasing process efficiency, and extending the lifespan of important production investments. Products complement one another in the complete system, thereby contributing to numerous advantages as part of regular maintenance routines.

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