Designed exclusively for the wood composite materials industry, Deurowood® products are primarily used in the processing of polymers to achieve the desired surface characteristics of the manufactured material and increase the overall efficiency and sustainability aspects of the production process. The Deurowood portfolio includes innovative and safe-to-use chemical additives, hardeners, pigment dispersions, and scavenger technologies.

Deurowood offers a selection of hardeners for a variety of applications engineered with line speed and efficient press cycles in mind.

Process Additives
Deurowood process additives contribute to process efficiency and include anti-block, anti-dust and film smoothing, wetting, release, and synergistic combination options.

Functional Additives
Deurowood’s functional additives achieve impressive results for flexibility, improved gloss, and micro-scratch resistance.

Pigment Dispersion
Deurowood’s pigment dispersion products are engineered with stability during transport and impregnation, which leads to reduced waste and improved process efficiency.

Special Applications
Deurowood’s line of special applications provides a variety of products that offer solutions needed in the lamination industry such as anti-bacterial, anti-static, defoamer, detergent for impregnation, dispersing agents, release agents, thickeners, and transparency aids.

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