Chem-Trend – a global chemical manufacturer with headquarters in the U.S. – has been a proud member of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Business Group since 2004. Freudenberg Group and its affiliated companies operate in nearly 60 countries worldwide, working with a long-term vision, solid financial standing, and the combined expertise of around 50,000 dedicated employees.

As an industry leader in the field of release agents, purging compounds, paper impregnation additives, and other ancillary molding products, Chem-Trend is an organization that highly values teamwork, curiosity, and a problem-solving mindset. We’re more than just a company offering products or solutions; at heart, we are a company about people.

Driven by our commitment to excellence and vibrant culture, we are on the lookout for extraordinary talent ready to immerse into our world and build a path to personal success.

Chem-Trend is recognized for its global reputation, innovation, and responsibility. As such, when you apply to join our team, you’ll be exposing yourself to an array of professional development opportunities in a diverse and global setting. Across Freudenberg, diversity—spanning various ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds—is a strength, fostering innovative teamwork and leading to the development of pioneering solutions. Explore more about the organizational culture at Chem-Trend.

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