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Both Chem-Trend and Deurowood have been ingrained in the world of wood composite manufacturing for decades. Click to view the latest information on wood composite and paper impregnation solutions.

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Chem-Trend has long been known for delivering more sustainable, high performance release agents for wood fiber pressing applications. Most of the products developed for this industry are water-based, and all have been tailored to work within a process that is demanding in terms of the chemical, thermal, and mechanical attack of the pressing surface. With Chem-Trend release agents, buildup cannot gain a foothold on the pressing surface, ensuring that the manufacturing plant can remain in operation for extended periods of time.

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The Deurowood portfolio of products, now available within the global Chem-Trend network, include innovative and safe-to-use chemical additives, hardeners, pigment dispersions, and scavenger technologies specifically for the paper impregnation industry. These leading formulas are critical to the production of high-quality decorative papers for furniture and flooring laminates.

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Together, Chem-Trend & Deurowood now offer wood composite manufacturers around the world one supplier organization with high-value benefits, including:

  • Access to a comprehensive portfolio of high-performing process and functional chemical specialties and additives designed for a broad range of engineered-wood applications.
  • Increased reach and accessibility of Deurowood® brand products with newly established distribution avenues in both North America and China.
  • Dedicated customer service and support from an expanded network of wood-composite sales and technical expertise with local language competence.
  • Improved speed to market with efforts to localize Deurowood product manufacturing.

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