Pigment Dispersions for Paper Impregnation


Achieve white pigmentation with significantly reduced sedimentation of solid components in the impregnation line with Deurowood® white pigment and filler dispersions. Designed to improve optical surface performance of laminates produced with lower grammage base papers, Deurowood® line of pigment and filler dispersions are engineered to reduce the risk of sedimentation during storage, transport, and use on the impregnation line.

When a pigment is used in the paper impregnation process, one concern is the settling that can occur because it eventually requires unnecessary down time and results in loss of material. The Deurowood® line of pigment dispersions are engineered to provide the optical properties the paper needs without the concern for sedimentation. The products are designed to be stable during transport and impregnation, creating an efficient process with reduced waste. They also provide uncompromising light fastness because they do not contain brighteners or low-cost acrylate dispersions. Both transparent and white pigment options are available to meet your process and product needs.

Some available solutions:

  • White Pigment Dispersions, which can be fine tuned to white color shades tailor made to individual customer requirements.
  • Filler Dispersions, which offer the potential to compensate for poor surface characteristics of the wood composite boards on which impregnated paper is being laminated on.

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Paper Impregnation Process: Make It More Efficient

Whether a standard solution or a tailor-made formulation, Deurowood – a Chem-Trend brand offers a broad product range. Standardized or tailor-made – solutions improve process efficiency, and master customer requirements for surface characteristics.

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