Flow Promoter and Surface Enhancer 360° for Rotational Molding


Poor surface part appearance caused by pinholes and other blemishes can form during the early stages of the rotational molding process. This is caused by tumbling resins being unable to reach and remain in the places where they are most needed.

Flow Promoter and Surface Enhancer 360° are formulated to alleviate this common issue. They are designed to help attract molding resin to these potentially “starved” areas, helping to ensure that your molded part takes on an even, blemish-free surface. While Flow Promoter and Surface Enhancer 360° do not replace the release agent, they work as ideal complements in the rotational molding process to improve the look and quality of finished parts.

Benefits for rotational molding:

Most effective surface improvement: Better coverage, with no visible fouling or buildup on the mold.

Blemish-free parts with minimal pinholing: Complete powder coverage of mold surfaces, even in the most difficult areas is promoted. Plus, reliable forming thanks to faster drying time.

Excellent part replication: Consistency is created by better molding of threads, insert encapsulation, complete edges, and letter formation.

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