August 19, 2019

Michigan-Based Company Introduces Game-Changing Solution for Release Agent Dilution

Michigan-Based Company Introduces Game-Changing Solution for Release Agent Dilution

One of the most common — and frustrating — issues for manufacturers who use concentrated release agents in their processes is ensuring an exact proportion of concentrate and water. Not only does maintaining effective levels require significant testing and time, but there’s also the potential for miscalculations and inaccuracies that could result in system malfunctions, wasted materials, loss of productivity, and other serious, possibly expensive complications.

Sustaining proper dilution without considerable effort and time investment has seemed like an unsolvable problem for a long time. However, a Michigan-based company has introduced an innovative solution that could solve this difficulty once and for all. Chem-Trend, which produces release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical specialties, recently introduced DilutionIQ™ System to help manufacturers across industries and around the world improve this exact issue.

The DilutionIQ™ System allows for remote monitoring of release agent dilution rates. Mobile-friendly, the web application provides alert notifications based on dilution ratio range and no-flow conditions or no concentrate and can be checked from anywhere at any time. Real-time alerts can even be sent to specific individuals by text message and email.

Created specifically to work with Chem-Trend’s release agent concentrates, the system consists of a fluid meter and display panel. In addition to monitoring status, the system stores historical data for every batch mixed. Users can also view dilution ratio and alarm history, which can be very useful for improving systems. This tool is the first of several different digitalization tools that the company is investing in.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers, enabling them to become more efficient. To make this advancement, we engaged with our engineering team to solve this common issue once and for all,” said Bret Miller, Executive Vice President of Sales at Chem-Trend. “We created the DilutionIQ™ System to provide our customers with constant, consistent, and connected real-time monitoring of die-lube and release-agent mixing system dilution ratios.”

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