The DilutionIQ™ System

DilutionIQ(TM) Release Agent Automated Dilution Mixing System
Maximum consistency meets maximum efficiency.

What it is.
A revolutionary, fully connected, and real-time system capable of monitoring die lube and mold release mixing system dilution ratios. It is a smart system consisting of a fluid meter panel and a display panel that constantly measures ratios, provides reports, and gives users remote access and alerts. The DilutionIQ™ System creates peace of mind while keeping release agents working at maximum efficiency.

What it solves.
Customers using diluted release agents have always looked to maintain an exact proportion of concentrate and water. At Chem-Trend, we engaged with our Research and Development teams to find a solution to this common issue once and for all: the DilutionIQ™ System. It measures:

  • Dilution ratios for the current and previous batches
  • A running average of the dilution ratio
  • Total water flow
  • Total concentrate flow

The impact.
Constant dilution monitoring instantly solves a number of issues:

  • No more sampling is necessary
  • No more delay in knowing the dilution
  • Greater accuracy, eliminating the need for expensive instruments and hard-to-interpret calibration charts
  • Automatic and instantaneous, it is web based and can be checked from anywhere at any time
  • Alerts can be set to send notifications to specific individuals based on dilution ratio range and no water or no concentrate in the tanks
  • Mobile friendly, for certainty at our customers’ fingertips

Alarm limits can be set by the user, and outputs are provided to communicate alarms to the plant control network. Chem-Trend offers access to DilutionIQ™ via remote connection to monitor its status and view dilution ratio and alarm history. It also stores historical data for every batch mixed. Plus, certainty comes delivered via text message, email, or both.

It is efficiency and certainty, always there.

Our Product Manager of Digital Applications, Sara Heilig, explains how Chem-Trend’s product application monitoring system – DilutionIQ™– helps our customers get actionable information in real-time to help minimize waste, downtime, and more.

It’s just one more innovation released from Chem-Trend. If you are interested in the DilutionIQ™ System or any one of our innovative solutions, contact us today.

The DilutionIQ™ System (PDF, 231 KB)
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