Mono-Coat® Mold Release Agents for Rotational Molding


Surface abrasion, discoloration, and inconsistent release are common problems for rotational molding operations. Employing the right mold release agent can help your process run more smoothly. Specifically designed and formulated for rotomolders, Chem-Trend’s broad line of solvent- and water-based semi-permanent mold release agents can help you achieve stable release under all conditions — even at high temperatures.

Providing you with safe and easy-to-use products, Mono-Coat® release agents are made to work with a wide range of polymers that may be in use in your rotomolding operation, including PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE.

Our mold release line for rotational molding encompasses:

  • Solvent-based mold release agents
  • Concentrated mold release agents
  • Semi-permanent mold release agents
  • Conventional mold release agents

Benefits for rotational molding:

Minimized pre-release: Parts retain their correct shape with Mono-Coat® products, which are innovated to allow plastic material to stay in contact with the mold longer and minimize pre-release.

Easy release around flanges and vent-tubes: Specifically formulated to help plastic formed on flange and vent tubes to form perfectly, Mono-Coat® release agents provide an extremely smooth finish for your finished product. Adding Chem-Trend Flow Promoter to the process can improve the flow of material to vulnerable areas.

Double-skin parts: Your mold core can be easily removed with Mono-Coat® release agents.

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