October 3, 2017

Chem-Trend introduces revolutionary release agent for aerospace composites molding

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of high-performance release systemspurging compounds and other ancillary molding and casting products, today announced its development of Zyvax® 1070W, a revolutionary step in the advancement of molding processes for aerospace composites components. The new product is designed to reduce application and tool clean-up time and improve molded part quality. These attributes also provide significant environmental advantages, which aerospace molders can leverage to impact a wide range of sustainability touchpoints, such as the energy savings that are achieved through reductions in processing time, product application processes, tool clean-up waste, emissions and improved work environments.

Zyvax® 1070W is a revolutionary water-based, silicone-free release agent that is formulated for easy and quick application through a spray-on or wipe-on method and let-dry process. There is no need for curing time, which significantly reduces tool prep time. The product provides easy tool clean up, eliminating the need for sandpaper or other highly aggressive cleaning processes. Zyvax® 1070W also has a slight tack characteristic, providing an advantage in lay-up procedures. The water-based formulation also radically reduces VOCs and allows for improved air quality in production facilities.

According to Amanda Pugh, Chem-Trend’s business development director – Composites, “The benefits of this product are significant for both aerospace applications and other types of advanced composite carbon fiber molding processes. The highly effective nature of the technology developed for this product leads to more efficient composite molding processes and allows it to deliver results that are optimized to meet the increasing demands of the lightweighting movement.”

For more information on Chem-Trend’s innovative products and technology for composites molding, visit chemtrend.com.

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