Zyvax® 1070W: An Agent of Change

An advanced solution for composite molding, Chem-Trend’s Zyvax® 1070W release agent technology offers a multitude of competitive advantages for aerospace manufacturers:

  • Reduce tool prep time from hours to minutes. Just spray on or rub on and let dry without adding downtime and labor costs on wipe off, buffing, or cure time.
  • Easy tool cleanup. Minimal abrasion required. Simply wipe clean. Mold cleaning will take a fraction of the time and effort you’re using now while reducing the risk of mold damage from abrasives.
  • Non silicone release agent decimates molded part prep time and effort. And layup is easy because it holds prepregs and surface plies in place without heat guns, ovens, or tackifiers. Current release agents can induce pitting and pinholes, while our release agent actually promotes wetting, which reduces the potential for surface defects.
  • Water-based technology radically improves air quality. Not only is our new release agent good for your bottom line, it’s good for your employees because it’s nonhazardous, nonflammable, REACH compliant, and 95% lower in VOCs than solvent-based release agents.
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