November 9, 2023

Chem-Trend enhances its Deurowood® brand with newly acquired suite of paper impregnation additives

The addition of the HIPERADD® line of additives acquired from Chemisol Italia s.r.l. to the Deurowood family of products strengthens opportunities and expands geographic reach to better serve the global Paper Impregnation and Wood Composites industry.

For producers in these markets, it means improved access to leading technology, along with premium service and support. Bringing together two reputable brands that specialize primarily in paper impregnation additives provides synergistic, competitive solutions to assist manufacturers seeking operational efficiency and surface characteristics that match current and future design trends.

“With the strategic acquisition of the HIPERADD® product line from Chemisol, we have taken a definitive step forward in expanding our market presence and securing our position as a leader in the paper impregnation industry,” said Guenther Tappeiner, managing director, Deurowood. “This move allows us to integrate the technology of a respected competitor and reinforces our dedication to serving existing and new customers across the globe with excellence.”

“The decision to sell our HIPERADD® line was taken to focus and strengthen Chemisol’s position in the market of melamine-formaldehyde resins (HIPERESIN),” stated Franco Melato, managing director, Chemisol Italia. “This operation will allow Chemisol to further invest and play a major role in the MF resin business for different applications, among others: automotive, insulation, moulding compounds, ceiling tiles, and wood industry.”

The Deurowood portfolio, including the Deurowood® and newly acquired HIPERADD® product line, now offers the most comprehensive range of high-quality chemical additives essential for paper impregnators. The products are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and critical functional features for decorative paper processing on the impregnation line and lamination of wood composite and paper-based laminates.

The purchase of Chemisol’s HIPERADD® brand and product line further establishes Chem-Trend’s commitment to establishing a significant presence across a range of diverse industry segments, including the market for paper impregnation, wood composite, and paper-based laminates.

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