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Leading by design – get to know Chem-Trend’s advanced R&D laboratory facilities.

Driving the development and testing of Chem-Trend’s market leading release agent, purging compound and ancillary molding products is an expert team of scientists, chemists, and industry experts. The Howell-based global headquarters is equipped with a dedicated lab for each of its core industry segments, including a variety of testing equipment designed to simulate specific manufacturing molding, forming, or pressing conditions. Our capability extends to the testing of customer supplied samples in our Analytical Lab, and with our talented team of chemists in Applied Research, we are also focused on designing new proprietary polymers aimed at improving sustainability outcomes and production efficiencies.

Expediting insights to keep you moving

You’ve identified a problem and you need a fix, fast. Halting production is simply not an option.

For the last 40 years as part of our leading customer service capability, we offer analytical lab support to customers around the globe in need of immediate chemical analysis of a sample, such as the end-product, part or mold, to determine root cause, and, of course, a fix.

The findings not only feed a full-scale understanding of product performance, but also bring awareness of viable alternatives or tweaks needed to resolve the issue. And the best part – often results are delivered within one week of sample receipt.

Every industry, every challenge

Our vast array of instrumentation can handle the most challenging of analyses. Including instruments in the field of spectroscopy, chromatography, thermal analysis, microscopy and elemental analysis, our group of analytical chemists apply years of experience to assist in the support of our global enterprise.

Labs located in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and South America make these analytical capabilities within reach of all customers and support needs.


Thermoplastic Purging Compound Development - ARBURG ALLROUNDER Injection Molding

Chem-Trend uses industry leading equipment such as the ARBURG ALLROUNDER to test and validate our advanced formulations. This equipment allows us to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our purging compounds to eliminate silver streaking and provide quick color changes in thermoplastics processing.

Polyurethane - High Pressure Injection Molding

The capability to simulate real production conditions of polyurethane molding is critical in engineering industry-leading release agents. Evaluating and improving our mold release agents helps our customers perform at their highest efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Watch the video to see the high pressure injection molding system in action.

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