I see haze on the mold. What causes it and can I get rid of it?

Haze On The Mold After Applying Release (before molding): This can be caused by reaction of the release with contaminants on the mold surface; styrene in the mold blushing to the surface and becoming entrapped; entrapment of moisture in the curing release (particularly in very humid conditions); contaminated application cloths or wipes; condensation (particularly when molds are cooler than air temperature).

Haze That Appears After Molding: Heat as a catalyst can drive moisture, un-reacted styrene or other un-reacted materials up through the mold matrix during the molding process, entrapping them between the mold surface and the semi permanent film. Over several molding cycles the styrene can also polymerize leaving a tenacious film on the mold surface. Compounding is the preferred method of removing this buildup.

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