Clean & Protect Injection Molds with Mavcoat™ and Lusin®

Injection Molding Release Agent Spray

You’ve purged your injection molding machine to create the best quality parts, now easily clean and protect your tool to extend the life of your investment. 

Over time, oxidation, rust and even corrosion can damage the mold surface, causing premature wear of the tool. You can safely and effectively protect your molds with a superior and long-lasting mold protector while having an easy means of removing the coating before starting production by applying a high-performing mold cleaner. Waxes, oils, grease, and most types of residues should be removed to make for a smooth start-up procedure.

Trial the newest additions to the Chem-Trend thermoplastic line-up – Lusin® DG2324 US Mold Cleaner and Mavcoat™ Mold Saver, designed to offer simple and effective cleaning and protection of your most valuable mold assets.

Rust Prevention 

Mavcoat Mold Saver provides a protective coating on mold surfaces that prevents corrosion and oxidation, seal out condensation, and displace moisture. The aerosolized product when applied, dries quickly to a clean tenacious film that protects the metal surface and saves the tool from being damaged by the elements. Mavcoat Mold Saver is easily removed by spraying Lusin® DG2324 US Mold Cleaner.

Mold Cleaner

Lusin® DG2324 US is an aerosolized cleaner with no harsh smell designed for injection molding equipment. Easily applied, the product remove contaminants from mold surfaces. No wiping is necessary as the product evaporates completely while flushing away grease, and protective mold coatings such as Mavcoat™ Mold Saver. Due to its superior wetting action, Lusin® DG2324 US penetrates tight spaces for effective degreasing of slides and ejector pins.

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