What it is:

Soldering is caused by the reaction of the molten alloy with the tool steel.


Soldering is accelerated by high temperature and erosion and is commonly seen in those areas of the die where such conditions are present. Soldering can be prevented or minimized by forming a barrier coating between the molten metal and the tool steel. Certain alloys are more susceptible to soldering. Experts at Chem-Trend’s dedicated Die Cast Laboratory developed advanced technology that makes a wide variety of die lubricants function optimally at different temperature ranges and alloys. Chem-Trend’s proprietary polymers provide exceptional performance at high temperatures, while silicone-free options are available for cooler die surfaces.


Problems such as these can lead to significant inefficiencies in your operation and cost you a lot of money in rework, scrap, and wasted resources. Chem-Trend has the knowledge and experience to provide your operation with solutions tailored to overcome these problems.

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