October 18, 2018

New Chem-Trend Lusin® MC1718 Brings Stronger Power, Greater Performance

Chem-Trend, a world market leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance release agentspurging compounds, and other process chemical specialties, today introduced Chem-Trend Lusin®MC1718, a highly active general cleaner, especially applicable for removing tenacious polymer and other residues from metal surfaces. It offers the thermoplastics industry the latest innovative technology and significant performance improvement.

“Lusin® MC1718 shows excellent cleaning properties, and we’re very pleased to introduce this new solution to the marketplace,” said Antje Scholl, Business Development Director – Thermoplastics, Chem-Trend. “The arrival of Lusin® MC1718 was the result of many research and development hours spent in our laboratory. We continuously invest in R&D to advance our product portfolio and further optimize the manufacturing process for our customers.”

Available in aerosol and bulk, Lusin® MC1718 is a cleaning agent primarily used for cleaning dirty molds and dissolving polymer residues (e.g., PVC, POM, polyamides, acrylates, etc.). It is also effective at dissolving adhesives, glues, oil, wax, and grease residues. Because Lusin® MC1718 was specifically designed for performance improvement, customers will benefit from its fast cleaning effects and ability to evaporate residue-free.

Chem-Trend strives to create the very best products on the market for predictable, reliable, and ever-improving levels of productivity. Chem-Trend understands that every product is different, every machine unique, and that manufacturing conditions vary greatly. This is why Chem-Trend works with each customer, often onsite, to further refine solutions for each situation. For more information on Chem-Trend’s innovative products and technology for thermoplastics, visit ChemTrend.com.

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