September 27, 2017

Chem-Trend introduces new die lubricant technologies

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance die lubricantspurging compounds and other ancillary molding and casting products, today announced its development of a family of new die lubricant technologies, expanding its broad portfolio of products for use in high pressure die casting operations. The new polymer technologies were developed and synthesized to specifically provide exceptional on-die performance, helping die casters to improve operational efficiency.

The new technologies have been designed to deliver a particular range of benefits to meet key challenges faced in high pressure die casting operations such as providing excellent solder protection while greatly minimizing ex-cavity buildup. Products available with these new polymer technologies have been proven to run extremely clean on dies, resulting in less downtime and higher quality rates due to lower levels of porosity.

According to John Belyk, Chem-Trend’s business development director – die cast, “The highly effective nature of these chemistries leads to more efficient die cooling, hot die adhesion and enhanced solder protection. This allows die casters to spray less lubricant with shorter cycle times, which has a positive impact on operational efficiency and profitability.”

These chemistries are also proven to be particularly effective for high integrity structural casting applications where quality is paramount in terms of porosity, heat-treat elongation and blisters, and post-cast processing such as painting and bonding. “The technologies are well suited for use in both aluminum and magnesium die casting applications, making them vital for meeting the increasing demands of the light-weighting movement,” said Belyk.

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