November 9, 2017

Chem-Trend introduces new composites molding products

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of high-performance release systemspurging compounds and other ancillary molding and casting products, today announced its development of innovative technologies, allowing it to expand its broad portfolio of products for use in aerospace composites molding operations. The new technologies are included in two cutting-edge products: Zyvax® MPP 1006W and Zyvax® Sealer 1050. The products offer a range of benefits that give aerospace composite molding operations a boost in addressing key productivity challenges while also providing meaningful improvements in the sustainability aspects of their operations.

Zyvax® MPP 1006W is a newly developed water-based, semi-permanent mold primer formulated for sealing and priming various types of tooling substrates. The water-based nature of the product significantly lowers VOCs and odor, providing improvements in HSE (health, safety and environment) aspects of composites molding operations. It is also an excellent sealing material that can be used to resurface worn molds, extending useful tool life, reducing waste and providing economic advantages. The newly developed technology in the product provides for longer periods between top-coat touch-ups and helps eliminate defects in produced parts, thus improving overall efficiency, and reducing scrap and material consumption.

Zyvax® Sealer 1050 is a newly developed semi-permanent mold sealer designed for easy application through a one-step, wipe-on and let-dry method. The sealer conditions mold surfaces to help minimize resin buildup over time, and can be used for all mold and tool substrates in aerospace composites molding. The new technology allows for a slow evaporation rate with a rapid cure time, providing a greater application efficiency for minimized over-application and reduced material consumption and waste. Tools and molding are sealed and ready for release treatment in under an hour. Additionally, improvements in HSE (health, safety and environment) for composites molding operations result from the low odor and HAPs-free aspects of the new technology.

“Our dedicated teams are always working to address the sustainability aspects of our products to reduce the environmental impact of our customer’s operations and provide for better working conditions in their facilities,” said Amanda Pugh, business development director – Composites, Chem-Trend. “These products have been developed to present our customers with significant efficiency gains and sustainability benefits related to processing and material usage, waste, energy usage, emissions and overall health and safety. It is all part of Chem-Trend’s long-established philosophy and approach toward reducing the impact of manufacturing operations through the use of advanced products and technology.”

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