The SprayIQ™ System

Spraying of Release Agent
A new level of control and accuracy for the release agent spray application process.

What it is.

Built to order and easily installed on your plant floor, the SprayIQ™ device measures the amount of release agent applied per spray cycle and time per spray cycle. A true IT solution, SprayIQ™ was developed by our engineers, sales experts, and IT professionals to accurately measure spray applications, provide immediate feedback to the operator, and provide process engineers and line supervisors with visibility to spray application data. The system hardware and software are optimized for flow measurement of typical release agent applications.

A wide array of features and functionality are built within the SprayIQ™ system module, including:

  • Parameters to define spray cycles
  • Reduction in process noise
  • Notification for operators of spray cycle progress vs. target
  • Data capture and display on unit and secure website
  • Data storage complete with charting and data analysis tools, and ability to export
  • Optional customizable email notifications

Enjoy a succinct display of data captured for every spray cycle, including:

  • Spray volume
  • Spray duration
  • Target spray volume
  • Flow rate
  • Total spray volume
  • Total spray cycles
  • Data visible on mobile devices

Release Agent Flow Metrics Screen for 4 Sprayguns

Actual depiction of SprayIQ™ data display screen.

What it solves.

Release agents are often manually spray-applied with no accurate method for measuring the actual amount used. It is a struggle to maintain consistent application from operator to operator and shift to shift. To improve and control the process, manufacturers need to know how much is applied, and if it’s too little or too much. Too little application could cause issues with proper release from the mold and negatively affect end-product quality. Too much could result in the same, as well as unnecessary release agent waste and expense.

The impact.

Being notified the moment when a threshold has been reached can keep seemingly small application inconsistencies from escalating into bigger problems. Not only does SprayIQ™
provide accurate data from each spray cycle on the plant floor, but it simultaneously sends data to a secure website to keep all production stakeholders in the loop. Access to process data history, charts, and analytics makes evaluation and continued refinement of your application process possible. Customers who use the system within their facility have shared consistent feedback on the biggest impacts of using the SprayIQ™ system, including:

  • First time ability to track usages accurately and compare between different shifts
  • Easy access of usage data to precisely forecast consumption for ordering purposes
  • Correlate and compare usage data with amount of rework for root-cause analysis
  • Helps to evaluate the effectiveness of spray amounts when trying new release agent systems
  • Directly contributes to efficiencies gained in product usage and lengthening of time between cleaning cycles
  • Presents a level of control and insight to the spray process never before achieved within the plant

Our Product Manager of Digital Applications, Sara Heilig, explains how Chem-Trend’s product application monitoring system – SprayIQ™– helps our customers get actionable information in real-time to help minimize waste, downtime, and more.

It’s just one more innovation released from Chem-Trend. If you are interested in the SprayIQ™ System or any one of our innovative solutions, contact us today.

Industry 4.0 Release Agent Spray System (PDF, 438 KB)
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