Silicone Free Inside Tire Paints

A new approach, creating a sustainable solution.

What it is
Chem-Trend has developed breakthrough non-silicone inside tire paint solutions that help save its customers’ time and money by simplifying the additional downstream processing that is required for some specific Tire applications. The lack of silicone residue on the inner liners expedites the post-cure cleaning to just a simple water wash, or in some cases no additional processes are required. This new family of products include both unfilled and filled inside tire paints as well as durable grades.

What it solves
In addition to allowing tire producers to eliminate silicone residues from the inner liners of their finished tires, these water based inside tire paints allow tire manufacturers to more efficiently produce innovative tire options that improve their customers’ mobility.

Chem-Trend’s ready-to-use, silicone-free inside tire paints allow Tire producers to easily perform additional downstream applications, such as adding layers of a puncture sealant or adhesive to affix cavity noise-absorbing polyurethane inserts or electronic sensors (“Smart Tires”) to the inner liners of selected cured Tires.

The impact
With Chem-Trend’s silicone-free inside Tire paints, only a simple wash with water is required to remove any remaining product residues from the inner-liners of cured tires prior to the application of the adhesive or sealant layers. This transforms the approach to this process and opens the door to new possibilities along with providing a major productivity improving benefit to users. Our solution also ensures a better-finished tire quality because there is no abrasion of the inner liner surface during the cleaning process.

All members of this new family of non-silicone paints provide equivalent levels of slip as their silicone counterparts and some even provide a higher level of slip. This means that users can be assured that by switching to a non-silicone they will not sacrifice their desired level of slip and see increased curing related defects as a consequence.

Chem-Trend supplies the Global Tire industry with the widest range of high-performing release agents and will continue to manufacture both silicone and non-silicone containing formulations.

Silicon Free Inside Tire Paints (PDF, 930 KB)
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