High Efficiency Release Agent (HERA™)

A giant leap forward in efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

What it is.
Our High Efficiency Release Agent (HERA™) is a micro-spray application innovation that provides countless advantages over traditional release agents. Designed to use far less release agent to create a similar or improved result, it is a breakthrough with radical implications for productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. HERA™ also allows die casters to modify their release agent application method and equipment for process optimization.

It is not a product modification. Rather, it is an entirely new mindset in die cast release agent possibilities: leaner, cleaner, and more capable.

What it solves.
HERA™ is helping to provide a revolutionary change in how release agents are used, how they are managed, the product detail, the life of equipment, and countless sustainability advantages. Using far less release agent to achieve a similar or better result, HERA™ solves a myriad of challenges with one single innovation.

As a disruptive technology, HERA™ requires up front capital expenditures in new equipment. However, the countless improvements are able to more than make up for the investment necessary to upgrade.

The impact.
With HERA™, the improvement can be seen across a wide variety of areas including:

  • Less product used, resulting in less waste
  • Improved die life through reduced thermal shock
  • Efficient single-position spray application
  • Reduced usage of plant air
  • Improved process reliability

We are able to provide all of these improvements while achieving an economical advantage over traditional release agents.

It’s just one more innovation released from Chem-Trend. If you are interested in HERA™ or any one of our innovative solutions, contact us today.

High Efficiency Release Agent (HERA™) (PDF, 704 KB)
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