Endless Innovation From This Worldwide Leader in Release Agents

Chem-Trend production workers pointing to digitalized chemical manufacturing screen.
Featured article from Manufacturing in Focus magazine.

Insight behind Chem-Trend’s global leadership in release agents. 

Chem-Trend stands as a global pioneer in manufacturing release agents, lubricants, and compounds vital to modern industrial processes. With a firm emphasis on innovation and sustainability, the company’s products not only enhance workflow efficiency and product quality but also minimize environmental impact. Founded on entrepreneurial vision in Howell, Michigan, Chem-Trend has evolved into a worldwide presence, with its revolutionary water-based release agents leading the charge in transforming manufacturing practices. Bolstered by a culture of innovation and a commitment to meeting customer needs, Chem-Trend continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, with next-generation technologies catering to diverse industries from automotive to rubber and beyond.

Beyond product excellence, Chem-Trend prioritizes sustainability by eliminating harmful substances like PFAS from its portfolio and striving for carbon neutrality by 2045. Through digitalization and continuous improvement efforts, the company ensures not only environmental stewardship but also customer empowerment and operational efficiency. Under the umbrella of Freudenberg Group, Chem-Trend remains true to its values while leveraging global reach and resources to make a positive impact on communities worldwide. With a relentless focus on innovation and a dedication to doing better in every aspect, Chem-Trend sets the standard for excellence in industrial solutions while championing environmental responsibility and social well-being.

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Chem-Trend History

At our heart, we’ve always been a problem-solving company. From our humble beginnings as a kitchen-sink operation to our global expansion, finding new ways to help you improve your operation is our purpose.

Chem-Trend Sustainability

Sustainability has two dimensions — how we work internally to reduce consumption and how we empower our customers to do the same. Find out more from Amanda Pugh, Vice President of Marketing and Technology, about how Chem-Trend is innovating to lead the way with efficiency.

Chem-Trend Values

Our values drive everything we do at Chem-Trend. Focusing on you and understanding your greatest challenges is how we innovate solutions that empower customers like you every day.

Austin Ames, Technical Sales Representative for Thermoplastics, Discusses the Benefits of Ultra Purge™

Technical Sales Representative for Thermoplastics, Austin Ames, explains how Ultra Purge™ purging compounds helped a thermoplastics manufacturer achieve complete color changes. After the right solution was implemented, Chem-Trend was onsite to educate the team and ensure they were getting the best results.

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