What factors need to be considered in selecting a mold release agent?

Factors to be considered for selecting the proper release agent include:

  • Mold material / substrate
  • Material being molded
  • Process conditions:
    • Temperature
    • Line speed / cycle time
    • Pressure
    • Specific molding process such as injection molding, high pressure, gravity fill, compression, etc.
    • Process variable fluctuations
  • Geometry of the mold
  • Post molding operations (adhesion, coating)
  • Expected performance level and productivity (number of good releases or good parts demolded per time period)
  • Existing process issues (cavity filling challenges, soldering, release-related scrap rates, process condition fluctuations etc.)
  • Mold maintenance expectations (mold cleaning frequency)
  • Part finish requirements (gloss, marring, etc.)
  • Application methodology
  • Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements
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