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Release on a grand scale


Wind energy provides remarkable promise; however, the manufacturing process does not come without its challenges. Expensive raw materials and complex and nuanced molding techniques are employed while manufacturing on a grand scale. When a large manufacturer of custom blades for wind energy engaged with us, we uncovered a world of possibilities. We were able to replace their existing solution with one that did far more than create a more predictable product — we improved their entire approach. Using the very best of Chem-Trend’s resources, we utilized our R&D expertise, delivered technical support, and reduced lead times. All while providing a safer workplace and an environmentally preferred release agent.


Using our vast research and development capabilities, we were able to create the exact conditions necessary to achieve their specifications. The goal was not simply to replicate their existing results — we looked to improve performance. At Chem-Trend, we always look to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

Chem-Trend was also able to provide local manufacturing and technical support, including one-on-one training for every employee on how to use Chemlease® products. The shift to localized manufacturing led to maximized efficiency and simplified inventory management.


Through a trial period, we used a combination of a Chemlease® release agent, a sealer, and a specific mold cleaner to create a successful and complete system. We were also able to work with them to develop spray mop equipment to optimize application technique. This holistic engineering approach examined every facet of how process chemicals intersected with their specific needs, uncovering opportunities for improvement. Through better logistics, we were also able to assure them that our product would always be available and consistent, eliminating downtime due to unavailability of release agents. Plus, with a focus on communications at the local level, we were able to provide solutions quickly and proactively.

12% Reduction in release agent waste
Reduction in release agent waste
Lead time days reduced from 45 TO 5 Reducing inventory/storage needs
Lead time days reduced from 45 TO 5
Reducing inventory/storage needs
12% Reduction in release agent waste
Lead time days reduced from 45 TO 5 Reducing inventory/storage needs



At Chem-Trend, we pride ourselves on our long history of sustainability efforts. However, it is our effect on our customers’ processes that provides the greatest impact. It goes beyond our global Footprint; it is our even wider Handprint.

Here, we achieved the following:

  • Reduced energy waste through the elimination of frequent production stoppages
  • Spray mops reduced usage of release agent and product waste
  • Reduced energy and emissions impact of overseas shipping with locally sourced product
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Energy

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