CASE STUDY - Thermoplastics

Evolving the complex world of thermoplastics.

In a world reliant on polymers, we were able to open new possibilities.

A global industrial adhesives company is responsible for supplying some of the largest brands in the world with packaging solutions. They were having quality issues and complaints from customers based on the storage property-related failures of hot melts, which are used to form the adhesive in food packaging. We were able to overcome this and created an expanded storage temperature range. They instantly increased their market-share potential while providing more value for their customers. All while adhering to strict FDA standards.


Chem-Trend worked with many teams in different areas of the customer’s organization to understand the process of transforming raw material to hot melt adhesives (HMA). We learned that while the demand for lowering the melting point of HMAs is high due to a desire to save energy costs, this industry-wide trend poses significant storage challenges. Stored on stacked pallets, the granular raw materials on the bottom layer can soften and stick together, creating lumps, due to the weight and pressure of the other stacked bags. This renders the HMA granules unusable, causing end-customer dissatisfaction, increased scrap, and potential downtime for the customer, and return of product to the producer.


Of all the release agents that were trialed, Chem-Trend’s Lusin® Alro W 200 F was the standout. Its ability to coat each individual HMA granule helped us avoid buildup and lumping of the material. Working closely with their teams, we were able to identify the specific point in our customer’s process where the release agent could be most effective, creating a more consistent end product, keeping energy costs low, and delivering a better experience for their end customer. Lusin® Alro W 200 F also has no impact on the glue performance, making it an ideal solution for these adhesives.

50% Reduction in costs.
Reduction in costs.
DRAMATIC INCREASE In storage temperature limit.
In storage temperature limit.
50% Reduction in costs.
DRAMATIC INCREASE In storage temperature limit.



At Chem-Trend, we pride ourselves on our long history of sustainability efforts. However, it is our effect on our customers’ processes that provides the greatest impact. It goes beyond our global Footprint; it is our even wider Handprint.

Here, we achieved the following:

  • Less scrap of our customer’s product
  • Reduced energy consumption due to facilitating the use of a lower temperature melting point for the hot melt without negatively impacting the storage capabilities
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Energy

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