February 28, 2020

Deurowood Inks North American Distributor Deal with Chem-Trend

Deurowood Produktions GmbH, Austrian-based supplier of chemical additives for the global paper impregnation industry, and Chem-Trend, global developer and manufacturer of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other process chemical specialties, announced their new distribution agreement, effective March 1, 2020.

The deal outlines Chem-Trend as the exclusive distribution partner to Deurowood for customers in the U.S. and Canada. Enhanced technical, logistic and order processing support for Deurowood’s complete product offering can be expected through first-ever access to Chem-Trend’s Midwestern U.S. based headquarters. The state-of-the-art facilities and onsite teams are dedicated to offering comprehensive customer service and upholding the standard Deurowood product delivery time frame from day one.

The impregnated paper market shows signs of growing steadily worldwide, including North America. Deurowood not only sought to find a local partner with strong aptitude and capability to further develop customer relationships within the wood composite industry, but also one that shared in its commitment to close collaboration with customers and sustainability, the basis of its company philosophy.

“Chem-Trend is known worldwide as an innovative leader in the area of process chemical specialties for a variety of industries, including the wood based fiber composites arena. Their footprint and experience in this realm makes Chem-Trend the best choice for us and our customers,” said Dr. Günther Tappeiner, managing director, Deurowood.

“We’re excited for this partnership and ready to support Deurowood customers with best-in-class service right away,” said Gerard Przekop, senior director, sales – North America, Chem-Trend.

“Chem-Trend’s focus on delivering process solutions on the plant floor in combination with top performing products from Deurowood will further help paper impregnators gain value in their business. Collectively, we look to deliver full range solutions to both the stand alone impregnators as well as those vertically integrated businesses – several of which are current Chem-Trend customers. Working closely with the Deurowood team in Austria will be an integral part of the North American growth strategy.”

North American customers can expect personal correspondence from their new local Chem-Trend sales representative in the coming days.

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