What mold prep should I follow after a fast patch? Sometimes I need to put the mold back in production within one hour.

A lot depends upon the material you are using to patch the mold, how thoroughly the patch material cures, as well as the depth and overall size of the patch. Quick set, talc filled, styrene free, BPO cured putties have advantages in these applications even though they must be over-sprayed with gel coat for a cosmetic finish.

(HELPFUL HINT): Some people find that drilling some small negative draft holes down in the laminate area surrounding the area to be patched helps lock the patch to the mold and reduces the incidence of pull out during the seasoning of the patched area.

Once the patched area has been cured, compounded and buffed, all foreign matter should be removed from the surface using a high quality mold cleaner. Follow this by applying a high quality sealer and release agent following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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